This story is dedicated to Jimmy - our hero. We hope you had the best time ever at the cinema yesterday.
Once upon a time in a land far away called New Zealand there were two young swedish women in the middle of the journey of their lives called Maja and Linnea. The girls had just arived to a small town called Queenstown with their green little campervan when this dramatic fairytale takes place.
Maja and Linnea had only been in the city for one hour when they decided to park their green little van on, what they thought would be a safe parkingspot in the middle of town. But oh, they were wrong. So wrong.
..When the girls returnd to the carpark from a short innocent walk the green little van was still standing on the same spot and looked exactely as it should (except that the headlights on the car were on. But that wasn't something to be worried about, right?). But eventhough everything seemed to be right, both Maja and Linnea could feel it in the air - something was wrong. 
And ofcourse the girls were right, as these two girls usually were. When Maja tried to start the car, she couldn't get the motor running (!!!). She turned the key, then she turned it again and again. Even Linnea tried, but it was no use. The car was dead and the battery had run out. Their amazing, fantastic, spectacullar green rolling home had died.
The girls were devastated ofcourse. Just as davastated as only two devastated swedish girls can be. And just as they were about to give up - HE came along.
His name was Jimmy. But to Maja and Linnea he will always be remembered as
- The Queenstown Savior.
With a big WROOOM Jimmy entered there lives (and the parkning lot) in his huge JIMMOBILE.

Linnea immideately felt that this was it. If somebody could save them, this was the guy. So she ran across the parkinglot and even before Linnea had explained the situation for Jimmy, he had already grabbed two magic snakes from the back of his car and had started to head of to Maja and Linnea's green little van. 
.. When Maja tried to touch the electric snakes to help  Jimmy he yelled "NOOO, you'll get an electric chock" and then Maja stopped reching for it. And like that, Jimmy had saved Maja's life, and for that she will always be grateful.

Then Jimmy attatched the teeth of the electric snakes to the batteries of his Jimmobile and to Maja and Linnea's green little van. He started his engine and then he asked the young ladies to do the same thing. Like magic the motor started working again. The car was brought back to life and the young swedish ladies and their green little van were able to continue their journey and live happily ever after. All because of Jimmy - The Queenstown savior.
Based on a true story. 

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Jimmy Carling

30 Jan 2014 06:06

Hahaha. Fucking funny. Cinema was shit! Safe travels


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